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Hold the front page, we’ve found the holy grail of beauty products – natural, organic, mostly vegan, cruelty-free, holistic skincare, handmade right here in Leamington Spa

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Anyone else feel that time doing your skincare is real ‘me time’. Breathing in those wonderful smelling lotions and potions before slathering them on knowing (or hoping!) you’re doing good.

So, to up your self-care, self-love game, you’re going to want to check out Balmy Beauty.

It was a business born in Leamington during lockdown, when founder Jane – whose into all things holistic and has worked in the beauty industry for more than ten years -was inspired to start her own skincare brand.

She’s passionate about wonderful quality products, which are completely natural and handmade by her to order. And she’s also the brand’s best advert – you only need to take a look at her skin to see the results, it’s crystal clear and wrinkle free.

There’s everything from face washes, oils, and toners to balms, creams and essential oil blends. Want to try a few things at once? Check out the gift sets.

More than making you look good on the outside, there’s just as much focus on the holistic side of the products, They’re all made with essential oils, which Jane says are most effective when absorbed through the skin and inhaled.

So, ready to up your skincare, self-care game? Get in line, I’m first!

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