The Wellbeing Cabin, Warwick

Need a break but lacking some time? I’ve found just the answer.

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The wellbeing cabin, based at the serene Charlecote Pheasant Hotel promises to leave you feeling completely rejuvenated, and don’t we all need a dose of that in today’s busy world?

The mind and body treatment is based in a cosy cabin, and uses eight science-based healing therapies including light, aromatherapy, far infrared, mindfulness meditations and electomagnetic frequencies to destress, and make you feel like you’ve just woken up from a great night’s sleep (what’s one of those!?).

It’s a completely holistic experience based on ‘the relaxation response’ founded by Doctor Benson from Harvard Medical School. So, get ready to leave feeling grounded, energised and less anxious

Even better it’s 50% off if you book until the end of May. What are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

At a glance

The Charlecote Pheasant Hotel, Charlecote Rd, Stratford-upon-Avon, Charlecote, Warwick CV35 9EW


01606 48989

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