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  • ‘J’taime!’

    11 of the most romantic restaurants in Warwickshire

  • 6 Alternative Date Nights

    ‘If music be the food of love, play on.’ Play on indeed…Now they’ve left the White House, Michelle and Barack can enjoy more time together. So, what do the Obamas do on their famous date nights? Like most of us they find a romantic dinner spot, enjoy some food and head off to see a Broadway […]

  • The cool stuff

    Looking ahead to the weekend already? Know how you feel. On the bright side it could bring possible romance, some Italian drama, art, music (classical/indie/ pop – whatever’s your thing), Matthew Bourne’s ballet version of The Red Shoes – and a new series of Girls on TV, what more could you ask… La Strada, Belgrade […]

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside - Warwickshire