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Cue Muddy to the rescue with our favourite bedtime peripherals for a restful, refreshing and rather luxurious night’s sleep. Nighty night.

A bit of quality shuteye has never been more important, has it? In fact, cases of insomnia have risen across the globe ever since the pandemic began – turns out the threat of imminent death and financial ruin can affect your ability to nod off – who knew?! Cue Muddy to the rescue with our favourite bedtime peripherals for a restful, refreshing and rather luxurious night’s sleep. Nighty night.

Frizz fighter

If you’re walking up with pillow creases on your face and hair that has a Bert & Ernie quality about it, it might be time to invest in a silk pillowcase. Rumoured to reduce friction on skin, absorb less face cream and keep frizz down, Kim K is said to be a major fan. That’s good enough for us.

From £85

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Velvet mornings

Yes, it may be spring soon but it’s also still a bit parky at night so if you’re struggling for extra warmth, this gorgeous velvet throw from Duchy Living in Cornwall is bang on the money. Plus, it’s fancy enough to keep at the end of the bed as decoration come the summer months.


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Soak it up

A hot bath an hour or so before bed can do wonders to help you sleep so if you’d like to make it more of a ritualistic affair (as opposed to squirting some shower gel under the running water and battling for space with the kids’ bath toys), Muddy recommends Oxfordshire spa Ila’s Big Sleep Bath Salts. They smell divine and include magnesium and Himalayan salt to rest the body and mind. 


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Pressure Points

Clearing the mind is pretty essential if you want to sleep. Practise your breathing and mindfulness with the help of B Silent Night-Time Organic Temple Balm, enriched with roman camomile, lavender flower and vetiver root essential oils. 


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Sole mates

Turns out warm feet are one of the key ways to fall asleep faster so if you struggle to nod off, it might be a wise idea to keep your toes toasty warm in the run up to bed. And what better way to do that then donning a pair of sheepskin boots for the post-dinner, pre-bed TV stint? And these ones from Forever Wild in Northampton have robust soles so will last for ages.


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Sleep Solution

Want your time asleep to be a multitasking affair? Best slather your face in  OTO’s CBD Night Face Cream, then, as it promises to help your skin repair itself with the assistance of Vitamin E, Pomegranate, Papaya and Yuzu, as well as super hydration ingredient Hyaluronic Acid. Lines and age spots begone!


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Silk appeal

Sleep is a precious thing and should be treated as such, so these luxurious 19 momme silk pyjamas from Sleepy Wilson conjure up the right sort of reverence. We love this Lemon Stripe print as it has a whiff of a traditional English summer about it.

Trousers: £160 Top: £175

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Boutique bedding

Sleep better in hotels than you do at home? Well then, get some 5-star bedding of your own. The White Company should be your first port of call as its gorgeous bed linen has impressive thread counts and serious luxe appeal. We’re hankering after this 700tc Aubrey set, which is currently 30% off.

From £35

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Tea then bed

Caffeine and alcohol are not great bedfellows but herbal teas laced with sleep-inducing ingredients such as camomile are. Muddy is keen on Fortnum & Mason’s Camomile and Bee Pollen teabags and not just because they come in a rather fetching tin.


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Catching Zzzs

Morning sun disturbing your shut-eye? Then you’ll be needing an eyemask to block out the rays (and maybe some ear plugs too). This one from The Hambledon Gallery is filled with lavender and backed in soft navy velvet for maximum relaxation factor.


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